Affordable Residential Solar Wind Power Home Kits – Are They Really That Simple?

People often ask, affordable residential solar wind power home kits, are they cheap and is it as simple as a DIY guide? If you asked that 5 years ago the answer would’ve been no. Simple as that, you would’ve had to look for a specialist to get it done right, and it would cost you a small fortune. In most cases $28,000+. Lucky for us the demand for these kits has increased dramatically mainly because we’re all becoming more aware of how expensive electricity is and how much we’re damaging the environment with all these bio-fuels.

You can now do some thorough research online and get most of the answers you need. Just make sure your getting your info from a professional, otherwise your project could turn sour very quick.

The demand for these kits has made all the materials you need very easy to find and extremely affordable. Things like:

A rotor



Generator and;


Can all be found at your local hardware store.

Once your set up you’ll be quick to realize you did the right thing by all the benefits that come along with affordable residential solar wind power home kits:

They are Cheap to Make – all your materials can cost as little as $100

Easy to set up – with the right instructions and diagrams you can be done in a weekend.

Easy to maintain– Its not going to cost you a small fortune to have a professional do the maintenance work for you.

They can put money in your pocket – Wind power can produce enough electricity so your power company pays you.

They help save the planet – wind powered homes don’t emit anything harmful to our earth.

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Affordable Residential Solar Wind Power Home Kits – How to Make Wind Power

Affordable residential solar wind power home kits will give you step by step instructions on how to make a wind turbine. These wind turbines convert wind energy into mechanical energy, which is then generated into electricity. Considering we are living in a time where their is a major concern on the shortage of electricity, wind turbines are coming in handy more than ever.

They are an economical and easy to set up system, especially in farms and in the countryside. It may not be the best option for highly populated ares, however, in saying that, they are starting to increase in popularity.

The prerequisites before setting up:

These are the 2 most important things you need to look at before building your wind turbine.

  • You should have about one acre of space available to set up. If it is smaller than this, the wind turbine may not be able to catch enough wind power for it to produce the electricity you need.
  • The average speed of wind in your area should be around 11 miles per hour, it is also important the this speed is consistent. If you have high rise buildings or tall towers, this will have an impact of the amount of wind you can capture.

What parts make up a wind turbine:

Affordable residential solar wind power home kits will give you the specific parts you need and advise you on where to purchase them, but we’ll go through the components now.

  • Blades – The blades of a wind turbine have the responsibility of making use of the wind energy, they are normally made of plastic.
  • Tower – The tower is the pillar that holds the wind turbine high enough to be able to make use of the wind, they are normally made up of a hard material like poly-vinyl chloride.
  • Shaft – The shaft will join the blades and the tower together and also make them rotate smoothly.
  • Base – The base will hold the tower and blades.

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Solar Wind Power – Exclusively Revealed Why This is a Worldwide Opportunity

Solar wind power is probably the most common form of alternative, renewable energy available anywhere. There are lots of reasons as for why it’s such a popular alternative and maybe you have already researched the fantastic benefits renewable energy has to offer. If you haven’t looked into these benefits, you would be well advised to. However, it would appear that many people believe they can only benefit from solar wind power if they live within the United States but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s certainly true to say that most of the home DIY manuals and guides are generally sourced from the US and the general trend seems to be that these are utilized mainly by people who live here. However, that should not mean that solar wind power is out of the reach of other countries and no matter where in the world you live, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever why you cannot reap the great rewards that homemade solar wind power has to offer you.

If you look at the basic build requirements for a solar power panel or a windmill generator, they all consist of items which are readily available in most countries. There is nothing which you require in the US that you cannot get in Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, China, South Africa and so on. In the unlikely event that you do become stuck, don’t also forget that you can use the internet and you can order small parts from almost anywhere in the world if required.

Since the biggest number of DIY guides are produced in the US, they are all written in English and the best produced, high quality systems will often include short video tutorials which again will be spoken in English. This hopefully shouldn’t be too much of a problem as most of the bigger countries in particular have English as either their first or second language. There are also many free programmes available on the internet today which will easily convert any text document into any language of your choice!

One point to be aware of is that the electrical systems in many countries are different to those of the US. However, this again should not be a major problem. The basic principles of solar wind energy are such that it can still be built and utilized absolutely anywhere in the world in the same way as it would be in the US. In addition to this, if you are looking to install a solar power panel or windmill generator in your home, there would be no harm in taking the advice of a local qualified electrician before the installation process just to be safe.

We are all reminded almost on a daily basis of how there is a major energy crisis and that energy prices will get higher and higher. For this one reason alone there has never been a better time to explore alternative renewable and natural sources of power for our homes. Regardless of where in the world you live, solar wind power is a great option which is cheap to implement and will provide your home with hour’s worth of free, renewable energy for years to come.

It is easily within reach of anyone, anywhere in the world!

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Solar-Wind Power For Beginners

One of the most exciting recent developments in green energy involves solar-wind power. If you’re looking into a home solar power system, solar-wind is a slightly more expensive but far more cost-effective system, particularly if you live in an area that gets plenty of both sun and wind. While this field is still developing, there are already many innovative packages that are relatively easy to install and that can save you money on energy for years go come.

What is Solar-Wind Energy?

The concept of solar-wind power is so simple and obviously that it’s amazing that it took so long to develop. The idea is simple: When the sun is out, you use the solar power system; when the sun is not out but the wind is blowing, you use the wind power system. Solar-wind power makes it possible for you to take advantage of both of these forms of green energy without having to invest in two separate packages.

The most common design for this type of product involves some sort of automatic process that naturally detects when the conditions are right for each type of power. In other words, you don’t have to constantly look out your window to gauge the relative amounts of sun and wind that are out there right now. The system will take care of this for you.

Possible Disadvantages

There are just few downsides to solar-wind power systems. For one thing, they are a bit more expensive than individual solar or wind systems, but of course they would be. It’s too systems in one package. Also, if you’re worried about having too much equipment on your home, or if there are local laws against that sort of thing, then solar-wind power may prove to be a problem. After all, it is a combination of solar panels and wind turbines, which adds up to a lot of stuff.

If you’re not ready to jump onto this exciting trend right now, just give it a few more years, as the field is always developing. There’s no doubt, though, that solar-wind power is one of the green energy methods of the future.

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The Benefits of Home-Built Green Power Systems

Here is a paper I’ve written after I finished my first solar and wind power installation. It was the time I had a clearer point of view of all the benefits of home-built green power systems.

In these days of recession and rising energy prices, there is a lot of talk about renewable, or “green” energy.  Incredibly, more and more people seem to reducing their power bills by building their own wind turbines and solar panels from scratch.  Is this a viable solution to the energy crisis, or a waste of time?  This article will explain the many benefits of home-built green power systems.


Money talks, and many people find the financial argument to be the most convincing for home energy systems. Depending on how much energy your home uses, and the type and number of renewable power systems you install; you could significantly reduce your power bill or eliminate it completely. If you generate more electricity than your home uses, you can sell it to your local power company and make a little extra income.

Unfortunately, having a green power system installed can be prohibitively expensive. By building it yourself at home, however, you can reduce the cost by at least 30%. Better yet, a home power system is an investment that pays for itself. In just a few years, the money saved on your power bill will pay for the cost of the materials used to build the green energy system.

Finally, there are a few other hidden financial benefits of installing a green power system in your home. You may qualify for tax deductions for installing an eco-friendly power system in your home. It also increases the property value of your house.


You gain several benefits by building your own green power system at home. First, you can build at your own pace, additional solar panels and wind turbines as time and money allow. Moreover, by building your own home power system, you’ll learn how it works. This allows you to perform your own maintenance and repairs, saving you even more money in the future.


Finally, installing renewable power systems in your home protects the environment and preserves the earth for our children and grandchildren. In the USA, over half of all electricity is produced by coal-burning power plants that release greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere that are causing global warming. Wind turbines and solar panels produce no pollution or chemical byproducts.

Why Wind & Solar Power?

There are many different forms of renewable energy, including wind turbines, solar panels, ethanol engines, hydroelectric dams, and geothermal heat pumps. Of all these technologies, however, wind power and solar power in particular have emerged and the most popular for garage handymen to build themselves. Why is this?

Partly, it is due to convenience. Some renewable power systems are limited by geography, such as hydroelectric or geothermal energy. Wind turbines and solar panels, however, can be built anywhere that the wind blows and the sun shines.

It is also partly because the technology is relatively simple to build, requiring only a basic knowledge of carpentry, mechanics, and electronics. Furthermore, all the materials required to build these power systems can be found in local hardware and electronics stores, or easily ordered off the internet.

It may require an investment of effort, time, and treasure, but in the end it will cost less, save you money in the long run, and help the environment. With so many good reasons to install a renewable power system in your home, what are you waiting for?

Solar Wind Power, How I Made it!

Click here to see the book that help me build my own solar wind power system.


my solar house
my solar house

So what is this Earth4Energy guide that everyone is talking about?

As I said before the first step of my solar and wind power project was to gather enough information to find out if I could build a solar wind power system myself and at what cost.

Letting solar wind power companies build and install the solar panels and windmill would have cost me a small fortune ($25,000). And I calculated that it would take us more than 10 years to break even.

The earth4energy guide claims that you can build your own solar and wind system for less than $200. In fact it gives you strategic tips on how to find solar cells for almost nothing and since you will be the one to mount the solar panels, more solar cells are never enough. Also it lets you know how to get batteries for storing electricity for free.

Of course my first reluctance about the DIY hybrid solar wind power concept was that I am not an engineer of any kind and my technical knowledge is very basic but when I went through the manuals and viewed some of the videos I quickly realized that anyone can do it.

So let me describe to you how this Earth4Energy manual is structured:

–          first the preparation needed to build a green energy source,

–          then how solar and wind power works,

–          detailed instruction on how to build your own solar panels and a wind generator,

–          color pictures to assist you on your project,

–          videos with outmost important steps and directions,

–          and finally how to find components for free.

The most important part that the Earth4Energy guide is pointing out is how much money you can save on your electricity bill. 80% is what they claim and for us, after using our own solar and wind power system for 3 months now, I can tell you that I am close to 70% cut on my energy bills and our next step will be to get off grid and have my autonomous renewable power for my house and have all those thousands of dollars a year bills part of history.

my windmill turbine
my windmill turbine

If someone would ask me if earth4energy was a profitable investment, I would say that my return on investment was fast, a few days after I finished the installation of my solar panels and windmill turbine and enjoyed my own electricity. And with an initial investment of $275, my homemade solar panels and the windmill have already saved us hundreds of dollars and the way energy prices are rising up globally, I can just imagine how much money we will be saving year after year not to mention the self satisfaction to produce your own green power and help the environment which is priceless.

In conclusion if you want to save money on your electricity bill, be energy independent, or even help our environment, I would strongly suggest grabbing the Earth4Energy manual right now. It worked for us.

Homemade Solar Generators – Facts

Before I go ahead and explain to you why I was convinced that the guide that will give me all the background knowledge I would need to build my own solar and wind power systems was earth4energy, let me give you some home solar generators facts.

As sophisticated as it may look, I have been told that the technology needed to build solar generators at a professional level can be replicated with means available in any average house with a cost of no more than $ 200.

When I heard that I was pretty confident that I could manage my new solar and wind power project by myself. Anyone can build their solar generators, with minimum resources, and with maximum efficiency. The only part that everyone needs to know before starting his home solar power system is:

  • how much solar power you will need for your household loads,
  • to find out how much electricity you can produce,
  • to find out if you want a solar power system with backup batteries, a grid-tied or off-grid one.

So for the first steps I found a nice little tool to calculate how much power your house uses, the output needed from solar panels system and the size of the batteries needed.

You can check it out by clicking on Solar Power Calculator.

Commercial solar panels or diy solar panels?

After the time and strength we put in our new house, it was easier to be thinking of getting professional help to fulfill our new alternative energy project.

There are more and more companies specialized in renewal energy like solar and wind power. Our next step was to find the most reliable, professional and cheapest one. We did a small market survey in our area and from the 8 renewable energy businesses available the answers we received were not encouraging at all. Cost estimates, federal, state and local savings, post incentive cost, monthly kWh consumption, etc. were some of the questions we had to answer before anyone gave us a more or less straight $12,500 to $25,000 answer, and without counting any windmill cost and installation.

So our second option was to find some serious information, if available at all, to bring this new project to an end. Building your own solar panels and windmill should not be that complicated if you have the proper guidelines, know where to buy the right material and are comfortable with tools.

Proper information is by far the most important step in building your own clean renewable energy system. And what more natural to use Google to find such advices. Right? Duhhhh! Have you ever try to write for example “solar wind power” in Google, the hundreds of sites talking about, reviewing or selling information manuals made me almost prefer the first option of hiring a building company.

The great thing with the Internet is that you can find almost anything if you know how to do a proper search, the only problem is that it is very difficult to know what informative product will meet your expectations, what eBook is going to give you all the knowledge you are seeking and what review to trust.

I suppose that all these youtube videos on how to build solar panels yourself can be helpful at some point but they cannot give you a complete step-by-step guidance to make solar panels for your home. You need to know where is the best place to buy cheap solar cells, what are the mistakes to avoid, what extra material you will need as well as the proper tools to use, how to finalize the installation of your solar panels. All this in one and single step-by-step package.

The ideal resource for building your own solar panels at home would have to be organized in an easy to follow format, have plenty of pictures and videos and be written for newbies.

After some thoroughly search and testing, I finally found my perfect solar panel building guide. I wasn’t even paying attention at the first place, but it kept on showing up in front of my eyes in any Internet search I was querying. It was the Earth4Energy guide.

Why Solar and Wind Power?

When you finally own your house you feel like you have accomplished a lifetime dream. But when your dream house is as close to nature as possible you want to thank back mother nature for all what she offers you.

Me and my wife, Sally, we love nature and respect all aspect of it. We love living in the countryside even if close to an urban area. So it was only natural for us to own a wooden house to match our lifestyle.

But we soon felt that we could do more for us and our planet and our first thought went to solar and wind power.

Is there a better way to save energy and at the same time money than to produce our own solar and wind power? Being self-sufficient by producing energy from what nature is already giving us was our new plan.

Unfortunately we didn’t have a clue about how to build solar panels or even a windmill and so we quickly understood that there were only two ways to do it. Let a company specialized in solar panels and renewable energy do it OR find all the information, if available, and Do It Yourself.