Affordable Residential Solar Wind Power Home Kits – How to Make Wind Power

Affordable residential solar wind power home kits will give you step by step instructions on how to make a wind turbine. These wind turbines convert wind energy into mechanical energy, which is then generated into electricity. Considering we are living in a time where their is a major concern on the shortage of electricity, wind turbines are coming in handy more than ever.

They are an economical and easy to set up system, especially in farms and in the countryside. It may not be the best option for highly populated ares, however, in saying that, they are starting to increase in popularity.

The prerequisites before setting up:

These are the 2 most important things you need to look at before building your wind turbine.

  • You should have about one acre of space available to set up. If it is smaller than this, the wind turbine may not be able to catch enough wind power for it to produce the electricity you need.
  • The average speed of wind in your area should be around 11 miles per hour, it is also important the this speed is consistent. If you have high rise buildings or tall towers, this will have an impact of the amount of wind you can capture.

What parts make up a wind turbine:

Affordable residential solar wind power home kits will give you the specific parts you need and advise you on where to purchase them, but we’ll go through the components now.

  • Blades – The blades of a wind turbine have the responsibility of making use of the wind energy, they are normally made of plastic.
  • Tower – The tower is the pillar that holds the wind turbine high enough to be able to make use of the wind, they are normally made up of a hard material like poly-vinyl chloride.
  • Shaft – The shaft will join the blades and the tower together and also make them rotate smoothly.
  • Base – The base will hold the tower and blades.

Author: David Kirrawee
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