Homemade Solar Generators – Facts

Before I go ahead and explain to you why I was convinced that the guide that will give me all the background knowledge I would need to build my own solar and wind power systems was earth4energy, let me give you some home solar generators facts.

As sophisticated as it may look, I have been told that the technology needed to build solar generators at a professional level can be replicated with means available in any average house with a cost of no more than $ 200.

When I heard that I was pretty confident that I could manage my new solar and wind power project by myself. Anyone can build their solar generators, with minimum resources, and with maximum efficiency. The only part that everyone needs to know before starting his home solar power system is:

  • how much solar power you will need for your household loads,
  • to find out how much electricity you can produce,
  • to find out if you want a solar power system with backup batteries, a grid-tied or off-grid one.

So for the first steps I found a nice little tool to calculate how much power your house uses, the output needed from solar panels system and the size of the batteries needed.

You can check it out by clicking on Solar Power Calculator.

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