Solar Wind Power, How I Made it!

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my solar house
my solar house

So what is this Earth4Energy guide that everyone is talking about?

As I said before the first step of my solar and wind power project was to gather enough information to find out if I could build a solar wind power system myself and at what cost.

Letting solar wind power companies build and install the solar panels and windmill would have cost me a small fortune ($25,000). And I calculated that it would take us more than 10 years to break even.

The earth4energy guide claims that you can build your own solar and wind system for less than $200. In fact it gives you strategic tips on how to find solar cells for almost nothing and since you will be the one to mount the solar panels, more solar cells are never enough. Also it lets you know how to get batteries for storing electricity for free.

Of course my first reluctance about the DIY hybrid solar wind power concept was that I am not an engineer of any kind and my technical knowledge is very basic but when I went through the manuals and viewed some of the videos I quickly realized that anyone can do it.

So let me describe to you how this Earth4Energy manual is structured:

–          first the preparation needed to build a green energy source,

–          then how solar and wind power works,

–          detailed instruction on how to build your own solar panels and a wind generator,

–          color pictures to assist you on your project,

–          videos with outmost important steps and directions,

–          and finally how to find components for free.

The most important part that the Earth4Energy guide is pointing out is how much money you can save on your electricity bill. 80% is what they claim and for us, after using our own solar and wind power system for 3 months now, I can tell you that I am close to 70% cut on my energy bills and our next step will be to get off grid and have my autonomous renewable power for my house and have all those thousands of dollars a year bills part of history.

my windmill turbine
my windmill turbine

If someone would ask me if earth4energy was a profitable investment, I would say that my return on investment was fast, a few days after I finished the installation of my solar panels and windmill turbine and enjoyed my own electricity. And with an initial investment of $275, my homemade solar panels and the windmill have already saved us hundreds of dollars and the way energy prices are rising up globally, I can just imagine how much money we will be saving year after year not to mention the self satisfaction to produce your own green power and help the environment which is priceless.

In conclusion if you want to save money on your electricity bill, be energy independent, or even help our environment, I would strongly suggest grabbing the Earth4Energy manual right now. It worked for us.

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