Why Solar and Wind Power?

When you finally own your house you feel like you have accomplished a lifetime dream. But when your dream house is as close to nature as possible you want to thank back mother nature for all what she offers you.

Me and my wife, Sally, we love nature and respect all aspect of it. We love living in the countryside even if close to an urban area. So it was only natural for us to own a wooden house to match our lifestyle.

But we soon felt that we could do more for us and our planet and our first thought went to solar and wind power.

Is there a better way to save energy and at the same time money than to produce our own solar and wind power? Being self-sufficient by producing energy from what nature is already giving us was our new plan.

Unfortunately we didn’t have a clue about how to build solar panels or even a windmill and so we quickly understood that there were only two ways to do it. Let a company specialized in solar panels and renewable energy do it OR find all the information, if available, and Do It Yourself.

One thought on “Why Solar and Wind Power?”

  1. Wind Power is one of the best alternative energy sources that we should utilize, it is very clean and non-polluting. I built a small wind generator at home which can power small appliances.

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