The Benefits of Home-Built Green Power Systems

Here is a paper I’ve written after I finished my first solar and wind power installation. It was the time I had a clearer point of view of all the benefits of home-built green power systems.

In these days of recession and rising energy prices, there is a lot of talk about renewable, or “green” energy.  Incredibly, more and more people seem to reducing their power bills by building their own wind turbines and solar panels from scratch.  Is this a viable solution to the energy crisis, or a waste of time?  This article will explain the many benefits of home-built green power systems.


Money talks, and many people find the financial argument to be the most convincing for home energy systems. Depending on how much energy your home uses, and the type and number of renewable power systems you install; you could significantly reduce your power bill or eliminate it completely. If you generate more electricity than your home uses, you can sell it to your local power company and make a little extra income.

Unfortunately, having a green power system installed can be prohibitively expensive. By building it yourself at home, however, you can reduce the cost by at least 30%. Better yet, a home power system is an investment that pays for itself. In just a few years, the money saved on your power bill will pay for the cost of the materials used to build the green energy system.

Finally, there are a few other hidden financial benefits of installing a green power system in your home. You may qualify for tax deductions for installing an eco-friendly power system in your home. It also increases the property value of your house.


You gain several benefits by building your own green power system at home. First, you can build at your own pace, additional solar panels and wind turbines as time and money allow. Moreover, by building your own home power system, you’ll learn how it works. This allows you to perform your own maintenance and repairs, saving you even more money in the future.


Finally, installing renewable power systems in your home protects the environment and preserves the earth for our children and grandchildren. In the USA, over half of all electricity is produced by coal-burning power plants that release greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere that are causing global warming. Wind turbines and solar panels produce no pollution or chemical byproducts.

Why Wind & Solar Power?

There are many different forms of renewable energy, including wind turbines, solar panels, ethanol engines, hydroelectric dams, and geothermal heat pumps. Of all these technologies, however, wind power and solar power in particular have emerged and the most popular for garage handymen to build themselves. Why is this?

Partly, it is due to convenience. Some renewable power systems are limited by geography, such as hydroelectric or geothermal energy. Wind turbines and solar panels, however, can be built anywhere that the wind blows and the sun shines.

It is also partly because the technology is relatively simple to build, requiring only a basic knowledge of carpentry, mechanics, and electronics. Furthermore, all the materials required to build these power systems can be found in local hardware and electronics stores, or easily ordered off the internet.

It may require an investment of effort, time, and treasure, but in the end it will cost less, save you money in the long run, and help the environment. With so many good reasons to install a renewable power system in your home, what are you waiting for?